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About Danny

"I was raised in a strict, Southern Baptist family. We listened to Christian music or nothing at all," says Danny Staggs, originally born in Sylacauga, Alabama. His father, a southern Baptist preacher and his mother, a teacher, were the first to expose Danny to the world of music. Upon the death of Danny's father, the family moved to Hueytown, Alabama. One could say that Danny's piano career actually began in his elementary years. In sixth grade, he really wanted to learn to play the guitar. His mother, on the other hand, wanted him to take piano lessons. Mrs. Staggs negotiated, "Danny, if you will take piano lessons for ONE year, I will buy you a guitar." Danny reluctantly agreed. Exactly one year later, Danny got his new guitar. (Little did he know that one day those piano lessons would pay off.) By high school, Danny seriously recognized his love for music and quickly realized it was not only his interest but his passion. Danny composed and performed a song for the graduating class where, for the first time, he felt the experience of live performance. It was the defining moment when he knew that this is something that he would like to make as a career.

Danny admits with no hesitation that his big brother, Sam, influenced him most when it comes to his appreciation of music. Sam introduced Danny to The Moody Blues, The Beatles and even musical theatre, allowing his little brother to broaden his horizons with music other than the strict design of which they were raised. This exposure ignited Danny's talent as he wrote several commercial jingles and even completed what he says is his "finest accomplishment"-- a tribute to his mother titled, "A Little South Of Birmingham." He is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance, concentrating on classical music.

After graduating college, he played keyboards with bands where he performed in fraternity houses and clubs throughout the entire southeast. In 1985, Danny Staggs married. Staying true to his southern roots and recognizing his responsibility to his family, his days with the traveling bands came to a close. He activated his solo career in one of Atlanta's most popular, high energy, techno-piano bars known as Zazu's. He later moved to Park Place Cafe where he performed for 8 years. Since 1998, Danny has been mesmerizing crowds at Whitlock's in Marietta (Whitlock Road) with his limitless diversity of musical styles, soothing baritone voice and quick wit. To this day, a performance doesn't go by without hearing Danny announce, "I knew those piano lessons would pay off!" *Be sure to check the website calendar to see all locations around Atlanta where Danny is playing!*

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